Durga Prasad Khatiwada | Flutist in Nepal

My identity as a Music Event Coordinator

Beside as a musician, I have established my identity as a musical event coordinator. One of the musical event under my coordination are Pashupati Sangeet Sandhya, where big names of Nepali classical music perform their vocal, instrumental and dance show. Similarly I have been organizing Akhanda Bansuri Bandan, a twenty four hour incessant flute playing, on the occasion of Shree Krishna janmasthami paying tribute to lord Krishna who is the first flute player. Similarly I coordinate Sangeet Sadhana Sandhya in every new moon evening at Ram Mandir( Battisputali),and Sastriya Sudha at Nepal Music Center on the first day of every English month. I am working as a founder and executive general secretary of ‘Pashupati Ebam Bagmati Ganga Sandhya Aarati’ I have been involved in music bands such as ‘Tribeni Band’ and ‘Everest Band’ as a flute player and music composer. I have been working as a music composer in various fields such as classical, semi classical, bhajan, folk and fusion from past one and half decade.

My Musical Tours

Europe, 2008

In 2008, having been invited by ‘RISKSKONSERTENE”, a Norwegian cultural center, I stepped European soil for the first time. I was only Nepali artist sharing stage with several big names of Norway, Sweden, Africa, and Gambia. One of the main singer and composer, Gair Listrup was there, who also had deeply studied about Nepal and has made songs about several aspects of Kathmandu such as street bulls, monkeys, kings and one of the orphan named ‘ Umesh”. I participated in more than fifteen concerts in the different cities of Norway with Listrup and his band. I played some of the Nepali folk music and eastern classical, which proved to be a new taste for European music connoisseurs. The tour was for raising fund for orphans, and war victim children of Nepal. The fund raised was handed over to CIWIN. At the same trip, I performed in different concerts of Sweden, France, Germany and Monaco with the local artists.

Book Musicians for Events/Concerts

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