Durga Prasad Khatiwada | Flutist in Nepal

Biography of Durga Prasad khatiwada

      It would not be otherwise to say, Durga Prasad Khatiwada as a synonymous of flute playing in Nepal and a flute maestro, moreover. But this feat of height has a dreadful story of struggle, sweat and tear behind. He, a child of poor farmer family , was first attracted to music at the age of six when he heard the flute played by a shepherd in the forest. He, being obsessed with the melody, interrogated the several questions and happened to know the name of that instrument as Basuri, i.e. flute.Later he bargained his mother in a fair to purchase him a flute and after he had a flute in his hand, he started blowing it with innocent breathe to produce such melody that he had heard first time in his life.   This went on and on until the fragile bamboo flute broke in to pieces. Then he thought to make flute himself and finally he made it out of bamboo which is known as ‘Nigalo’ in local language. Days changed into night and night changed into dawn, but he went on playing to produce out melody he heard first time in life, and a day arrived when he played the same tune and ran through the terraces being boundless happy . He, then started playing in pooja(a religious act), Vajan(Group of people singing religious songs) and in cultural programmers of school. Once he, played some folk tunes in the school, and he was admired by guest whom he had never seen before. Later on returning back to home, he was said the man who admired him was Gopal Yonjan, and he felt honored. This made a carved impression in his life and more determined too.  Belonging to poor but strict family circumstances, it was very difficult for him to learn music. So, guided with passion for learning music more, he left house at night, his leg guiding him to India, where he had never been before. He wandered in different cities of India such as Mumbai, Ahemdabad, Chandigadh, Delhi, Agra and finally reached Mathura, following his dream. He started his music classes with Naththi Singh and later with Guru Charan Das and Pt. Bidur Mallik. At the same time he accomplished his I.Sc. and BA in English as formal education. Moved with more thirst for music, he shifted to Banaras and completed his master from Banaras Hindu University with excellent ranking. He then, became best among all performers in faculty competitions. He stood first in all India Youth Festival and honored with National Award. Spending more than one and half decade in India, he finally returned Nepal and became the first to have accomplished Masters in Flute Playing. Since then, he has contributed a lot for the enhancement and enrichment of Nepali Classical music . He has contributed for formulating the music curriculum for Higher Secondary level and Bachelor as well. The credit for establishing a music faculty in Sirjana College of Fine Art, too goes to him. He has produced a good number of flute player as his disciples, who are contributing Nepali Classical music in different ways.

            He, has contributed for the disseminating Nepalese culture, music and art in different countries of the world as he made tour for concert and teaching music in Germany, Sweden, France, Norway and so on. He is still contributing the spiritual enhancement and enrichment by performing in Bagmati Ganga Arati every evening. He organizes Akhanda Basuri Badan ( a twenty-four hour continuous flute playing) in Ram Mandir, Battisputali, every year on the occasion of Krishna Janma Asthami. He is playing a pivotal role for transferring the culture of eastern classical music to new generation as a teacher and Head Of Eastern Music Department in Nepal music center, Pinglasthan.

          So Durga Prasad Khatiwada is a big name of Nepali music who has devoted all his life for the enrichment of Nepali classic music. He is a true son of Nepal as says that he, better would like to give his everything to the nation and wishes to play flute till his breathing supports him only for music ,spirituality and eternal peace.

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